For the first time in Media Prefs history the streams have crossed. Cable is on the decline, while streaming continues to rise. This crossover provides community colleges with a new set of challenges and opportunities. Let's look at how Media Prefs allows us to find the best place to spend our media dollars.

With streaming on the rise we need to find a way to put our advertising where our potential students will see it. The chart below depicts a breakdown of what students are watching, by age group. Netflix is clearly the dominant streaming source, but since they don't allow ads we have to look elsewhere. 

That leads us to YouTube, which is especially popular with the ever valuable (and elusive) 16-20 age group. Not only is YouTube advertising a great value, it's also one of the easiest ways for you to get your content noticed by potential students. As other popular social media platforms rise and fall, YouTube continues to trend upward!

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