Times are changing rapidly and your marketing mix needs to as well. Peppering the big three (newspapers, TV, and radio) with ads no longer has the same effect that it once did. There's now a thousand social media channels and four dozen ways to get content. Community Colleges have limited resources so it's vital to hit the ones that maximize your media investment. 

Television commercials have been one of the first victims in the "transition to new media." While you'll still be able to catch students with traditional television commercials they are far less potent than they once were. The Spring 2016 National Media Preferences Survey revealed some really interesting trends! Firstly, now more than ever students are seeing your ads almost entirely across the board. The biggest takeaway from the most recent survey shows that nearly a 40% increase in student viewership of advertisements online. This is where we need to be to engage our students! Online is traditionally cheaper than television and now it's far more important to our advertising efforts than ever before. 

Not only do students find themselves more likely to look at advertisements online, it's an area that they aren't being engaged. These students are increasingly active participants on social media and on YouTube, yet as our data shows it's the place they have the least engagement. With budgets being reduced, it's now even more critical to engage potential students across every platform. 

So where are all these students? What is the best way to reach them?
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