By Marketing

  • Media-buying and negotiating better deals
  • Media placement and schedules
  • Staff media assignments
  • Determining where to put your marketing dollars
  • Determining where to put your staff time
  • Advising programs who need marketing help

By Student Services

  • Deciding which media to use for communicating with potential and new students
  • Finding the best place to use recruiters 
  • Discovering which medium works best for financial aid information
  • Learning how to convert students from interested to registered
  • Determining which media are most effective for delivering time-sensitive information
  • Learning how to get students to engage with email
  • Finding out whether it's worth printing those schedules or catalogs

By Academics

  • Devising ways for faculty to engage students outside of the classroom
  • Learning how to leverage social media to aid retention
  • Gauging the importance and effectiveness of office hours
  • Developing online strategies for program advising
  • Determining which media is most effective in rolling out new academic programs
  • Reaching students to encourage retention

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